Using the ever versatile lemon my way

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Shine Brighter Than The Sun

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Home to everything that is wow, Bee & Blu is an Indian Fashion & Lifestyle blog around fashion tips, beauty tips, relationship tips, lifestyle tips and more. It has 10 categories from Vogue, Beauty City to Hot Shot. Vogue is all around fashion tips on every occasion. Beauty City empowers our look with fabulous beauty tips. Globetrotter captures our travel mode spirit. Booze & bites hint at the fact that at our heart, we all love food. Cupid Chaos explain our love hate relationship with the cupid. Clan Cave explains that man is a social animal. Life Catalyst touches everything personal to our lives. Geek Chic is a proof of the fact that beauty and the brain can coexist. Creative Corner unleashes our creative side be it in words, design or simply anywhere. Hot Shot keeps us alert on everything that is trending.