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About us Page Bee and Blu



Bee and Blu – Indian Fashion & Lifestyle Blog 

Bee and Blu is an Indian Fashion & Lifestyle blog around fashion tips, beauty tips, relationship tips and more. We love to create noise around everything that is eye candy and worth of lady love. Our talks at Bee and Blu comprise of fashion tips and beauty tips for party, date, college, office and more.We also touch base with cupid at the time of emotional hangover for relationship tips. And finally we do random peek-a-boo with our personal life and professional life. Anything is trending? We are all ears.


Why Bee and Blu?

Bee and Blu aims to be one stop for chitter- chatter & promises to hold your attention in following ways:

  • Story Telling format
  • High value content
  • Info-graphical representation of post


WHAT TO EXPECT @ Bee and Blu:

What’s your next move?

Aim of this section is to gear you up for any occasion in a super fashionable way. All the celebrated occasions like date, party and all that make you think like Einstein over what to wear have been sorted forever.  Period.

Who’s on your mind?

Every person in your life worth a mention has been spoken about here.  Right from our boyfriends, BFFs to our MOM – every has reserved their seats in this block .

What’s the fuss about?

This is your and only your space. Snippets of our personal lives & professional lives are well reflected in the stories blossoming under this section.

What’s trending?

Something is creating waves and you yet do not know? We will ensure everything hot & happening will be delivered right at your doorstep.



My belief in lifestyle being not just luxury but necessity made me take the giant leap with Bee and Blu. I am trying to do my bit in creating value in lifestyle segment in super high quality. Bee & Blu is an attempt to take you out of this busy world for a few moments and indulge in the cheer spread here. Join in the celebration called life @ Bee and Blu.